pensieve : email yourself instantly

version 1.2 is now available!

NEW FEATURE: Offline Mode!


Pensieve is the best way to email yourself.

Open, type, send.

  • Free download, no advertisements.
  • Enter your email only once on startup.
  • Send text and audio to your inbox with one touch.

Instantly unclutter your mind!

Here’s how people are enjoying Pensieve:

  • Working - sieve distracting thoughts and maintain your focus.
  • Out of the office - email yourself tasks to complete when you return.
  • Traveling - make note of places you want to explore/research/try later.

Pensieve: your thoughts, out of your mind, into your inbox.

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Pensieve was conceived, designed, and programmed by Joshua Beeler.

Feather logo by Alex Seth.

In-app icons made by Google from are licensed by CC 3.0 BY.

Special thanks to:

Mary Beeler - Consultant, Testing
Ramon Beeler - Consultant
Gabrielle Glickstein - Consultant
Annie Rush - Consultant

Pensieve was made through coworking! Here's a brief development history:

Workshop Cafe (SF) - Web prototype and iOS 1.0 alpha.
OPODZ (LA) - Polish iterations and graphic design collaboration.
NedSpace (Portland) - Final push towards 1.0 release candidate.
Office Nomads (Seattle) - Website, 1.0 launch, 1.0.x development.
Agora (Tokyo) - 1.0.3 release.
Impact HUB (Seoul) - 1.0.4 release.
CLBC (Taipei) - Bug fixes.
HUBBA Thailand (Bangkok) - Bug fixes.


Pensieve is a software tool for sending emails.

By using Pensieve you acknowledge the terms in this disclaimer. You also acknowledge that this disclaimer may change at any time, and Pensieve may not inform you of the changes.

Pensieve makes no guarantee that emails will arrive at the intended destination, whole or in part, or when.

Don't use Pensieve to email anything sensitive, urgent, or mission critical.


By using Pensieve you acknowledge the terms in this privacy policy. You also acknowledge that this privacy policy may change at any time, and Pensieve may not inform you of the changes.

In order to send emails on your behalf you must provide Pensieve with your email address. Pensieve will save your email address in the local user settings on your device. You can see where Pensieve stores your email address if you have software that allows you to browse your device file system.

Pensieve communicates with an external server in order to send email on your behalf. The external server records some data for every email sent, including a unique identifier for your device. Pensieve does not record your email address or the contents of your message. However, if the mail server fails to deliver the email, it may save a copy, including the destination address and contents.

Communication between Pensieve and the external server is performed using a secure connection.